According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, the total number of entrepreneurial students of Chaoshan University was 373300, with a total turnover of 39.2883 million yuan!

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At 23:59 on November 10, the fourth floor of the entrepreneurial building of Chaoshan University was bright with lights. You can hear a lot of rhythmic keystrokes on the stairs. This night, I believe that many people are waiting in front of their mobile phones to buy their favorite products. In Chaoshan University, there are also a group of people waiting for an exciting moment in front of the computer. They are the entrepreneurial students of Chaoshan University.


According to Yan Huixiong, assistant dean of Chaoshan college and Dean of entrepreneurship college, this year has been the eighth "double 11" promotional activity since the college launched e-commerce entrepreneurship education in 2012. The whole college attaches great importance to it. All the teachers of the entrepreneurship college carefully plan and organize it. The teachers and students of the secondary colleges actively participate in it. The atmosphere on the site is warm, which ignites the entrepreneurship atmosphere of the college and pushes the college's entrepreneurship and innovation education to a new high.


We can see that the on-site arrangement of the "double 11" is very warm. The college also prepared snacks and drinks for the students who fought all night. The atmosphere is very warm. The turnover data of every moment is displayed on the screen. With the passage of time, the amount has been beating up.



On the same day of November 11, leaders such as Qi Guangwu, the Secretary of the Party committee, the president of the college, Wei Yuejin, the vice president of the college, Li Yuhua, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Yan Huixiong, the assistant president of the college, and the dean of the College of entrepreneurship came to the scene to inquire about and care about the sales situation of the online store of the "double 11" of the students. They were very pleased to see the busy figure of students with full energy, packing and express delivery, and replying to information.


Chen Fengliang, a 2017 entrepreneurial class 4 student, has made great achievements in Alibaba's creation platform, with a monthly basic income of more than 10000, sometimes up to 30000, ranking eighth vertically in the household industry of the whole Taobao department. According to Chen Fengliang, he insisted on writing 100 tweets every day in the month before the double 11, and also received content promotion orders from businesses on the platform. "At 5:00 a.m. today, I saw that my back office transaction has reached more than 2000 orders. It's estimated that I can break through 3000 orders today."


Chen Fengliang: entrepreneurship has helped me pay my own tuition, helped my family repay part of the loan, alleviated the economic pressure of my family. I am very grateful to my family for their encouragement to my studies and support for entrepreneurship, and I am also very grateful to the school for its great support for our students' entrepreneurship!


On the day of "double 11", Yan Huixiong, the assistant dean of the college and the dean of the school of entrepreneurship, also led a team to visit the entrepreneurial sites outside the school.


At 4:00 p.m., Xiao Jianxun, a 2015 e-commerce major, was carrying a large bag of goods upstairs. The floor of the room was full of goods. "I'll have to go to the market to pull another one later." Xiao Jianxun said that at present, he is mainly engaged in pajamas. This year, he has stocked over 2300 sets of pajamas. Now, he has more than 2000 orders. It is expected that there will be 5000 by the end of the evening.


Xiao Jianxun said frankly that it was not easy to start a business in the school with the help of teachers and classmates at the beginning after graduation. It was the concern and help of the teachers of the school who have been walking step by step until now, "the warehouse is more and more rented, and the goods are more and more!".


Li jingman, a 2015 e-commerce major, was busy until 3 o'clock last night. He left early in the morning to go to the market and didn't stop in the afternoon. "Thank you, Mr. Hong Ledong. He came to see us at 12 o'clock last night and gave us a lot of suggestions," he said. Today, it's about 1500 orders. There's a peak tonight. I want to sprint for 100000 turnover! "


Yin Peifeng, a 2014 E-commerce Major: I am now the main category of home furnishing clothes, because I recently opened a new store, and I spent a month or two in pushing these styles in the early stage. Last night, after 12:00, it was the peak time, and the turnover was also relatively fast. At present, it is more than 1000 pieces. Thanks to the school, thanks to the teachers, let us know how to use the platform to start a business.


Chaoshan vocational and technical college officially launched entrepreneurship education in 2012. Based on the theory of e-commerce, it attaches great importance to practical skills and relies on local industries to carry out online e-commerce entrepreneurship. The students mainly start businesses on Taobao, tmall, pinduoduo, Ali creation platform, Amazon, Alibaba international station, instant messenger,, shopee and other platforms, and cultivate a batch of e-commerce practical talents. When the graduates of the same college are looking for jobs, the students who start businesses in Chaoshan college have become a student boss and employed many jobs Personnel, truly achieve the goal of "employment driven by entrepreneurship".


The college runs through the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the teaching practice of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. It always takes innovation and entrepreneurship activities as an important starting point of the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, drives innovation with creativity, leads entrepreneurship with innovation, and drives employment with entrepreneurship. Actively guide students to actively serve the national innovation driven development strategy, integrate the innovation and entrepreneurship education into the talent training program, actively build an innovation and entrepreneurship platform for students, cultivate students' innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, and improve their entrepreneurial ability, so that students can realize their own dreams and succeed in Entrepreneurship while learning theoretical knowledge, so as to achieve the goal of "both academic entrepreneurship and knowledge wealth".


The successful entrepreneurship of students in Chaoshan university has greatly promoted the local economy. In the past seven years, it has directly driven the sales of over 1 billion yuan in the local market and made positive contributions to the local economy and society!

  • Title: According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, the total number of entrepreneurial students of Chaoshan University was 373300, with a total turnover of 39.2883 million yuan!
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