Amazon products describe commonly used HTML code.

07/05/2019 Witseller

Common HTML code supported in Amazon description:


1. Line change < br >


The first line < br >


The second line < br >


The third line




2. Coarsening < B ></b>


<b> What needs to be bolstered</b>




3. Text size


<p style="font-size:10px">Contents that require text size</p>


(Changing font size by changing 10px, e.g. 14px is larger than 10px font display)




4. Text color


<p style="color:#fff000">Contents that need to be color-coded</p>




5. Literary italics


<p style= "font-style: italic">Contents that need to be set in italics</p>




6. Text underline code


<p style="text-decoration: underline">Contents that need to be underlined</p>




7. Text Delete Line Code


<p style= "text-decoration: line-through"> Contents requiring text deletion lines</p>